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Above & Beyond - Thank You Rob!

I must say, I am beyond impressed with Rob from TC Sports Cars. Rob and I had never met, but he has been servicing my employer (Life Time Fitness) for the past 25 years and has provided us with over 1,000 cars. I have personally never purchased a vehicle from Rob as I live out on the East Coast, but that will definitely change after my recent experience. Rob was kind enough to take care of my wife and I with field passes to a Redskins game as well as tickets, simply as a kind gesture and due to his relationship with my Company. Instead of giving this incentive to his personal family or friends, he chose our Company to help and me specifically. His communication, thoughtfulness and professionalism is refreshing. I cannot thank you enough Rob and look forward to doing business with you in the future! -Deo Passarelli

2015 Dodge Ram

My family has been buying vehicles from Rob for years. He got me an awesome deal on my new Dodge Ram. Better yet he had it delivered to me in Arizona within 2 days. If you want it done Rob is your go to guy. He is the best in the business and always cares about his customers.

2014 Rolls Royce Wraith

It's looking good with peerless behind it. Hey man I just want to say thank you for everything and doing me a solid it's hard to fine loyal people now theses days also it's one hell of a car!!!!

Great experience with Rob

I now drive a 2014 VW Beetle which I LOVE. Before getting into my Beetle, I was 'stuck' in a vehicle that i financed through my dealership at the time, and I owed WAY more on it than what it was worth. I desperately wanted out but it seemed pretty much impossible, until I met Rob Cail! Rob worked rapidly to find me the vehicle that I desired, and some how worked a financial miracle with trading my other car in, for my Beetle. I paid nothing up front and my monthly payments are normal. It was a pleasure working with him as he is reliable and always had my best interest throughout the entire process! I truly can't imagine working with anyone else.

Best customer service EVER

My family has been buying cars and trucks from Rob for more than 20 years. He has always had the best customer service . Way above and beyond what you can imagine. Makes buying a new car Fun!!!! I was in a bing this year and needed a car right away and he said no problem and got me a loaner that day . And when he found the car I wanted he delivered it to me at work. And he always has a smile on his face. Thank you Rob!:)

A Wonderful Deal!!!

had been shopping locally for a used Mini Cooper Roadster for a few weeks and decided to check the web. Found just what I was looking for but I am in Virginia and the car was in Minnesota. Sent Rob an email with an offer. Within min he called me back to discuss. We worked out what I consider a great deal on the car. Rob arranged to have the car shipped and within 5 days it was in my garage. Keep in mind I had never made such a large purchase on line and was quite hesitant. Rob worked out all the details to have the car and title picked up at a local dealer which made the transaction secure and effortless on my part. A great guy and I would not hesitate to purchase from him and Platinum Park Leasing again.

Over and above!

I had a 2004 Ford Explorer which was totaled in an accident in January. I decided to go one step up to an Expedition as our family needed just a little more room. I had been test driving them and watching Craigs List. I saw an add for one just posted the day before. I called and Rob Calil answered the phone on a Saturday evening told me he would drive it over that husband and I test drove it but wanted to think on it. Rob found out I was going to rent a vehicle to go out of town to a visitaion and told me to take the Expedition! (He even put gas in it.) When I get back I could let him know what I thought. I liked the vehilce and was ready to tell him we would take it when almost home the check engine light came on. I knew it might be nothing but then again it could be something more. I called Rob brought it back to the lot he called me back told me it was the catalytic converter. He replaced it took care of it and stayed with the original price we had tenatively agreed on. The day we did the paper work he picked me up at work and brought me to his office so my son did not have to drive me! I grew up on a farm in a small farming community and grew up seeing that type of service but have not seen it often in the metro...totally impressed with the vehicle and the customer service received from Rob Cail!

I met Rob Cail in 1995 when I was looking for a new Grand Cherokee. At this time I had a BMW which the other dealers were not interested in giving me what I thought was a fair price. Rob found a dealer in Montana who bought the car for 15% more than the local dealers. Since then I have purchased or leased seven Grand Cherokees from Rob always had a fair price and good service. I presently have a 2011 which I purchased through Rob and considering the 2014. I've known a lot of people in the car business including people that owned dealerships and find Rob to be the most knowledgeable and fair.

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